*Tap, Jazz, Ballet, Lyrical, Hip Hop, Acrobatics, Cheer Dance. 

* Ages 2 through Adult

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Summer Class Schedule!!

April 1-4 ~ Parent Watch Week

April 22-26 ~ Spring Break

May 18 ~ Dance Pictures (recreational)

May 28 ~ Dress Rehearsal (3 p.m. performers)

May 29 ~ Dress Rehearsal (11 a.m. performers)

May 31 ~ Finale' Rehearsal (all performers)

​June 1 ~ Recital

​July 8 ~ Summer classes begin

Dance Trap

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Dance Trap believes in creating an environment where dancers learn more than just dance. They will learn the value of commitment, hard work and dedication in a family-type atmosphere. we also strive to build within each student a positive self image and confidence through dance.

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Building Confidence Through Dance For MOre Than 32 years!!


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